Mike Duggan announces he will run for mayor of Detroit as a write-in candidate

(WXYZ) - Mike Duggan has annnounced he will run for mayor of Detroit as a write-in candidate.

He made the announcement at his campaign headquarters on East Jefferson and will file as a write-in candidate on Monday, July 1.

Supporters of Mike Duggan have been trying to get him back on the ballot.

Last week, Duggan told 7 Action News that he didn't support a write-in campaign because he didn't think it was a viable option and didn't believe it could be successful.

Duggan bowed out a week ago after two courts ruled he did not meet residency requirements to run for mayor, but since then there's been an outpouring of support that has changed his mind.

"They said we're going to write you're name in whether you want us to or not," said Mike Duggan.

Duggan says a big part of the campaign will focus on voter education. There are no instructions on the ballot when it comes to a write-in candidate. Voters will have to write in his name and fill in the oval.

"It's a two step process. You have to do both or the vote doesn't count," he says.

Duggan must be one of the top two vote getters in the August primary to advance to the November election.

He estimates that he'll need 15,000 to 20,000 signatures in order to get his name on the November ballot.

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