Snow causing multiple accidents on area roads and freeways

(WXYZ) - Today's snow is causing multiple accidents and road closures throughout our area.

There are reports of accident on I-696, I-75 and I-96.

More than 30 cars crashed on the i-696 in Warren.

"It was really crazy," said Nader Boubaker.

When Boubaker saw all the cars crashing in front of him on I-696 W in Warren, he did what he thought was safe.

"About eight cars in front of me, they were crashing each other, so I pulled off to the side," said Boubaker.

He went from witnessing the massive accident, to being involved in the wreck himself.

"Next thing you know an SUV came behind me, hit me, then another car come and hit him.  And next thing you know it was a really bad, bad accident," said Boubaker.

Boubaker's black BMW became one of 33 cars involved in massive accident today that shut down I-696 W from Hoover to Groesbeck.  The pile-up happened just before noon because of the slick roads.

"A lot of people believe once they get into that two track where there is no snow on the pavement, that they start driving on that, that they're fine they can do 70 miles an hour, but you just can't," said Lt. Mike Shaw with the Michigan State Police.

There were only minor injuries, nothing serious.  There were children riding in some of the vehicles, but none of them were hurt.  Some of the adults involved in the crash went to the hospital as a precaution.  Boubaker was he's just thankful that this bad accident wasn't any worse.

"I thank god we are safe.  Everything else is replaceable," said Boubaker.

The road has since reopened.

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