Winter cancellations force Monroe Public Schools to extend school year

(WXYZ) - The snow and cold this winter cost Monroe Public Schools 15 days of classroom instruction and forced the district to extend the school year.

The last day of classes was scheduled for June 6 but weather-related cancellations exceeded the number allowed by the state of Michigan.

“We’ve missed 15 days of school and as you know we’re allowed six by the state so we have to make up those nine extra days somehow,” said Dr. Barry Martin, superintendent of Monroe Public Schools.

The nine extra days will extend the school year for students through at least June 18.

“We’re hoping that people will do their best to adjust their schedules and keep their kids in school because it’s going to be important that we maintain that regular attendance for that week and a half that we’re extending the school year,” Martin said.
Districts that exceed six missed days must make them up in order to receive full state funding.  The State Department of education has encouraged districts to replace lost time with full days of instruction.

Bill Ford, parent of a first grader at Arborwood Elementary, told 7 Action News extending the school year is the right thing to do.

“I know Monroe lost more days than other districts and I’m glad they stepped up right away and said we’re going to make it up,” Ford said.

The district hoped the early announcement of the change would help families. “We just want to make sure that they know what our plans are so they can make adjustments to their plans,” Martin said.


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