Wiper app keeps your text messages private

(WXYZ) -  It gives a whole new meaning to the term "private messaging."

An app called Wiper, available on Android and iOS devices, offers users the option to wipe clean texts and pictures in smartphone conversations.

Wiper allows you to send messages back and forth with your contacts, and once you've decided you've had enough with the conversation, you can hit a couple of buttons and make it disappear on both ends and on the company's server.

The company says the messages also have end-to-end encryption, making your texts and pics secure and tough to hack.

Screenshots are also a no-no with Wiper. If someone tries to take a picture of your conversation, it makes sure you are notified.

It's a simple and private alternative to messaging--and it's free. The app is good for people who are trying to plan a wedding and keep the details under wraps, just as an example. 

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