Wisely app uses consumer spending patterns to help you decide where to shop, eat

When we're looking for a good place to eat or get a hair cut, we usually turn to online reviews.  But sometimes, they don't really paint an accurate picture of the business. 
Now, a new app could change the way we look for recommendations.
The idea is simple--there is no better, or more honest review than an actual transaction.
The app, created by an Ann Arbor-based company, is fittingly called Wisely and it reveals consumers' purchasing behavior.
It lets users see how many people visit a business or restaurant nearby, and how many of them go back based on visitors' transactions.
Users can also search for places that fit within their price range. The app breaks down the average bill size.
And if you're in need of a financial advisor, Wisely can help with that, too. The free app can link to your bank accounts, allowing you to easily keep up on your spending habits.
One of the creators of the app, Mike Vichich, tells me that Wisely will also show you a map of your spending habits, making it easier to detect fraud and keep tabs on where you're spending your money.
The app is available for iOS devices with an Android app in the works. It's compatible with American Express cardholders. Support for Chase and Bank of America is expected to come in mid-February. 

Find out more about Wisely here:  https://wise.ly/

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