Woman accused of leaving sick 5-year-old nephew alone while she walked around shopping mall

DEARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) - Victoria Polk noticed a little boy sitting all alone, for about an hour, in the Fairlane Town Center. His clothes were soiled with vomit and he told her that he was waiting on his aunt but that he had no idea where she had gone.

Polk, who is set to leave for Navy Boot Camp on Tuesday, told 7 Action News, "No child should be left behind like that."

It happened late Friday afternoon and Polk notified mall security officers who immediately contacted Dearborn Police and tried locating the boy's aunt.

Police say the boy stated he was "really hungry and thirsty" and vomited again before being transported to a nearby medical center for treatment.

7 Action News reached the boy's aunt, 19-year-old Chyna Walker, who admitted it was a mistake to leave her five-year-old nephew sitting alone in the mall. 

Walker says her nephew vomited and she didn't want him walking around the mall so she told him to sit and wait for them.

Walker says she was carrying her 7-month-old baby when she and a friend left the boy. She claims they were only gone for about ten minutes to retrieve a diaper bag that she left behind in a store, but Polk says she is sure is was more like an hour because she was waiting while her mother shopped.

Dearborn Police say it was about twenty minutes after their officers were notified that Walker was located and issued a citation for misdemeanor Child Neglect.

Walker is set to be arraigned on November 20.

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