Woman says she was assaulted by Detroit Police officer

(WXYZ) - A Detroit Police officer charged with sexual misconduct while responding to a 9-1-1 call was in court today.

During the preliminary exam, the victim gave graphic detail about what she said happened the night of the alleged assault.

Detroit Police Officer Deon Nunlee sat at the defense table looking down at the ground while he listened to the victim describe in detail how she said Nunlee made her massage his private parts even though she told him to stop.

“His pants are still on.  It was his uniform and my hands are just rubbing his private area,” said the victim.

The alleged assault happened last October when Officer Nunlee and his partner responded to a domestic dispute between the victim and her boyfriend. 

The prosecutor asked the victim how that made her feel.

“Disbelief,” said the victim.

The victim said she was showing Officer Nunlee where her boyfriend damaged the upstairs when Officer Nunlee grabbed her wrists and forced her to touch him and told her to like it.

“Act like I enjoy it.  Act like I like it.  Do it like I enjoy it,” said the victim.

The prosecution asked the victim how that made her feel.  “Disgusting,” said the victim.

The two were only inches from her 6-year-old son sleeping in bed. Nunlee’s partner was downstairs questioning the victim’s boyfriend.

“Then he would whisper to me and told me to shut up and be quiet and don’t say anything,” said the victim.

The victim said at one point her 6-year-old son woke up.

“He wakes up and he tells my son go back to sleep now, go back to sleep,” said the victim.

The victim said she and Nunlee went back downstairs and then he made her go back upstairs. That’s when the two really struggled.

“Officer Nunlee pulls my pants down and we were tousling over my pants.  He’s pulling them down and I’m pulling them up.  Officer Nunlee is. I’m pulling them up and he’s pulling them down.  And he squats down on his knees,” said the victim.

The victim said that’s when Nunlee licked around her private part.

“He then comes up on one leg and he pulls my shirt up and I’m just telling him to stop and he’s just telling me to be quiet.,“ said the victim.

Defense attorney  Antonio Tuddles tried to discredit the victim because she didn’t tell anyone of the assault until later and didn’t tell police until the next day.

“You understood that another officer was downstairs badge and gun.  You understood that right?” asked Tuddles.

The victim responded with a yes.

“You understood your boyfriend who house you were living in right?   You understood that didn’t you?” asked Tuddles.  The victim responded yes.  “You choose not to do that,” said Tudles.

Nunlee is charged with three counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of assault with intent to penetrate and one count of misconduct in office.

Nunlee and his attorney refused to speak after court.  Nunlee will be back in court in May.

Nunlee has been suspended without pay.

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