Police cracking down on cruisers on Woodward

(WXYZ) - Summertime in metro Detroit for so many is almost synonymous with the Woodward Dream Cruise.

Officially, the Woodward Dream Cruise doesn't get rolling until the weekend of August 16. But people who live and work along the famous road say you'd never know it as car lovers, already revved up, are tying things up.

"We are the epicenter of the cruise right here," said Cristina Rea of Cristini Salon. 

Christina Rea's Royal Oak salon sits right on Woodward Avenue.

Convenient for clients, but also prime location for classic car lovers - who are already cruising, or just hanging out.

Now, the parking lot fills up quick. It's full of car enthusiasts watching for hot wheels and showing off their own.

It's become a growing problem, especially for Cristina's clients.

Business owners across Woodward, in the Normandy Plaza, are also up in arms about their lots being full.

Already, Royal Oak Police say they've received 117 complaints and issued 91 tickets for parking violations or disorderly conduct.

They're now stepping up enforcement in the afternoons to deal with the squatters.

Not all businesses are shooing them off, though.

Sam's Shell gas station is always a favorite hangout ahead of and during the Dream Cruise. 

And those who know and love the event say, you can try to escape it, or you can grin and bare it. 

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