Worker arrested for stealing $18K engagement ring

(WXYZ) - A man was arrested after admitting to taking an $18,000 engagement ring from a home he was hired to help paint. 

Brandon Denison was assisting a painter on a job in Birmingham in early October.  Later in the day, a woman living there noticed her engagement ring missing from her drawer.

Investigators told 7 Action News the victim had her suspicions and called police.

Birmingham detectives tracked down the 28-year-old who admitted to taking the $18,000 ring, which he had already pawned.

"Sad… you have to be careful no matter where you live," said neighbor Rita Lewry. "It's sad, unfortunately."

Denison told detectives he took the piece of jewelry to pay off court fines and traffic tickets in order to get his driver's license back.

The ring was eventually recovered.

Neighbors say there are a lot workers in the area but they were stunned to hear about the incident.

"I think everybody trusts most of the workers but I think if everyone keeps  an eye out… looks over their shoulder, it's good," said nearby nanny Joan Young.

Denison is now  in the Oakland County Jail on $50,000 bond.

He has been charged with Larceny. 

According to detectives his employer, the painter, was not in on the theft. 

He was distraught and beside himself over the incident and cooperated with police.

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