World View Enterprises wants to take people to the edge of space with a high-altitude balloon

(WXYZ) - Want to take a flight to the edge of space?

Well, World View Enterprises may be your ticket. The company will have passengers, also called voyagers, board a capsule that will be lifted by a high altitude balloon to 100 thousand feet.

World View says , while there, the voyagers will float in the edge of space for about two hours before gliding back to Earth.

The company plans to start near-space flight operations in 2016.

Now, before you go packing your space suit, you may need to save your money for a while.

Tickets cost $75,000 per person. 

World View says that they are hoping the experience presents a range of opportunities for education and research alike.

The company just appointed former astronaut Mark Kelly to be the director of flight crew operations. 

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