7 crew members killed in Afghanistan cargo plane crash ID'ed

BELLEVILLE, Mich. (WXYZ) - Families of the 6 Michigan crew members on board a National Airlines cargo jet that crashed in Afghanistan met with company officials Tuesday afternoon at a hotel in Belleville to get more information. 

The meeting was private. 

Some two dozen family members, many distraught were seen going into the hotel just before 3:00 pm. 

A total of 7 crew members were on board and killed. National Air Cargo has released the names of those killed in the crash: 

Brad Hasler, Pilot In Command, Trenton, MI

Jeremy Lipka, Pilot In Command, Brooklyn, MI

Jamie Brokaw, First Officer, Monroe, MI

Rinku Summan, First Officer, Canton, MI

Michael Sheets, Loadmaster, Ypsilanti, MI

Timothy Garrett, Maintenance, Louisville, KY

Gary Stockdale, Maintenance, Romulus, MI

Hasler just married his longtime girlfriend two weeks ago. They have two kids with a third on the way. 

Gary Stockdale's sister, Gail, says Gary was a wonderful person who always had a smile for everyone. She said he always tried to help those less fortunate than him when he could. 

"We will miss him dearly," said Gail. "There should be more people like him in the world. I will never forget him, he's the best brother a sister could ask for."

Four pilots, two mechanics and a load master were on board the plane, and speculation is the load may have shifted causing the jumbo jet to stall and crash. 

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the crash but US officials have said that claim is false. 

The flight was going to Dubai. 

Bill Hasler talked briefly with reporters before going into the meeting with National Company officials. No other family members talked to reporters. 

The company was based at Willow Run airport before moving to Orlando, Florida earlier this year. 

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