Would you hire a social media wedding planner for your big day?

(WXYZ) - Wedding planning is going high-tech. 

One new service offered at certain New York hotels will make sure your nuptials make a splash on social media. 

We're talking about wedding selfie stations, updated Facebook statuses and dedicated hashtags for your big day.

The W Hotels in New York are now offering social media wedding planning services for their brides-to-be.

The luxury hotel chain says a social media concierge will be involved in every step of the planing process, helping to build a social media footprint for the client's special day.

The chain says that brides have even asked for strategies on how they can get their wedding to trend.

From documenting the engagement via Facebook to creating wedding hashtags to making sure Instagram is full of pics of you walking down the aisle—the concierge will be all over it.

One of their duties even includes making you a dream honeymoon board on Pinterest. 

But don't think a wedding showcase on social media will be cheap, the service will run couples $3,000.

File that one under the hashtag #ExpensiveWedding.

Do you think this service will take off everywhere? Comment in the section below. 

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