Young crowd gathers at alternative Mackinac Policy Conference

(WXYZ) - The average age of the attendees at the Mackinac Policy Conference is probably somewhere north of 40; There just aren’t a lot of young people in attendance.

But 48 miles away in Charlevoix there's an alternative Mackinac Conference happening. 

Instead of a luxury hotel, catered lunches and cocktails on the porch, there are cabins, tents and a communal dining room in a barn.

You can call it the Woodstock of policy conferences.

Kevin Krease is cofounder of Assemble.

"We are cleaning out a barn. We have a huge piece of land and we’re just kinda getting together and we’ve got a pretty speedy internet connection just been having good conversations and coming up with good ideas," said Krease. 

They’re spending part of their days watching the Mackinac sessions—streaming digitally-- and the rest of the time coming up with solutions to the problems talked about here.

"The goal of  what were trying to do is take a conversation around important topics but then actually get together and work on something meaningful where we come up with tangible ideas and plans," said Krease. 

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