Zagat ranks top fast food chains of 2012

(WXYZ) - Zagat has published the survey results for the top fast food chains of 2012.

Over ten thousand people ranked their favorite fast food places based on popularity, food, decor and service.

The chains were divided between two categories: large (with 100 to 5,00 locations) and mega (with over 5,000 locations) in the United States.

When it comes to the large chains, In-N-Out came out on top. The popular burger place took the titles of Top Food, Most Popular, Top Service and Top Overall.

Subway was the most popular in the mega-chain list. It was also voted number one in service.

Wendy's was also a big winner in the mega-chain category. It had the most votes in Top Overall Chain and Food and Decor/Facilities lists.

For the coffee lovers out there, Starbucks came out on top. The java giant was rated the Most Popular Quick-Refreshment chain. Even though Starbucks is the most popular, Caribou Coffee won the Top Overall award in that group.

No surprise, McDonald's won for best french fries. It also was voted the best breakfast sandwiches.

And what about the best burger? Well that honor goes to Five Guys. Wendy's came in second place followed by Burger King and In-N-Out.

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