INTERVIEW: Hoffa tipster Anthony Zerilli speaks with 7 Action News about search for Teamster boss

(WXYZ) - The man whose tip prompted this latest search for Jimmy Hoffa's remains is saying he's frustrated that nothing has been found yet.

"I hope they'll be able to find the body.  It's as simple as that," Anthony Joseph Zerilli told 7 Action News Investigator Heather Catallo.

Zerilli is the man at the center of the FBI's latest search for Jimmy Hoffa.

"Mr. Hoffa was a good man, a good friend," said Zerilli.

Federal agents say the 85 year old was once second in command of the mob in Detroit.  Zerilli was in prison when the former Teamsters president vanished in 1975 after going to meet with mafia members in Bloomfield Township – but Zerilli says he knows what happened to Hoffa.

"Mr. Hoffa was picked up. And taken and buried alive," said Zerilli.

At the scene of the search on Monday, Zerilli's representatives were passing out this manuscript – which is being sold on the new website .   It appears to be authored by Zerilli – and in it he writes Hoffa was driven out to a farm that once was owned by suspected Detroit mob boss Jack Tocco.  Once inside the old barn, Zerilli says Hoffa was hit over the head with a shovel.  Zerilli writes that a shallow hole had already been dug inside the barn, and after Hoffa's body was thrown into it – a cement slab was then placed over him.   But Tuesday he told 7 Action News – he doesn't know about a cement slab. 

"I've heard a lot of stories like you have. I wasn't at a lot of these things so I don't know what the – everybody's trying to capitalize on something and I don't know and I'm really tired of the whole situation," said Zerilli.

Zerilli told us there's absolutely no doubt that Hoffa is buried on the property in Oakland Township.

"I want to say that I'd like to see him exhumed and be buried properly. Like he deserves to be," said Zerilli.
"Why come forward now with the information," asked Catallo.
" Come forward now? I've always done it," said Zerilli.
"You've told the FBI this in the past," asked Catallo.
" Oh sure.  They know about it.  In great detail.  I'm tired of telling everybody about it," said Zerilli.

The FBI is not commenting on that claim from Zerilli that he told them this information a long time ago  – but it seems logical that if they'd had this information in the past, they likely would have acted on it.

7 Action News has learned that the website that's selling Zerilli's autograph and manuscript was only created near the end of 2012.

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