Strategies for scoring sold out Detroit Tigers World Series tickets

(WXYZ) - With the World Series coming to Detroit, you may be trying to get your hands on tickets.

Here's our list of seven ways to get those sold out tickets. Sure, some of these tips may be obvious to some of you – but we hope they might spark ideas.

Happy ticket hunting!
Do you have tips of your own? Share them with us!
1) Stub Hub -
World Series Detroit home game tickets are still available on, the site used by Major League Baseball as their "official fan-to-fan marketplace."
Good luck finding anything for less than $400 per ticket. Stub Hub says that World Series tickets will be delivered electronically 48 hours before the games.

2) Craigslist -
Let's face it, you want tickets and you're willing to haggle. Craigslist is the place for you. Be sure to follow their guidelines and look out for scams. Don't pay for a ticket until you have it in your hand. Be safe!
3) Ebay -
Don't count Ebay out on your desperate search for Detroit Tigers World Series tickets! Everyone's favorite auction place is not just a great place to sell the stuff in grandma's basement. It's also a very reliable spot to find tickets. Be prepared to engage in bidding wars with other potential buyers.
These days, the smartest Ebay users are armed with the auction site's mobile apps. You can set alerts to be sent when new tickets are listed – and you can receive a message when a ticket auction is about to end. The real Ebay pros never make their bids before the last few seconds of an auction. Good luck!
4) Persistence. And a trip to Comerica Park on game day.
Persistence pays off, right? If you've tried each of these other ideas and haven't had any luck, we suggest going to Comerica Park on game day. You never know, someone may be selling that one ticket that belonged to a friend who wimped out of the chilly October weather. They'll want to unload the ticket quickly and – legally anyway – they can't sell it above face value. Worst case scenario: You watch the game from the warmth and comfort of a nearby watering hole. You'll definitely save a few bucks.


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