What's next for Belle Isle after this week's Grand Prix?

(WXYZ) - The eyes of the world will be on Belle Isle this weekend as the Indy series comes to Michigan.

But, next week when the race cars are gone - then what?

Roger Penske has done as much as anyone in Detroit to try to bring Belle Isle back to its glory.

And he has a few controversial ideas on what it will take to keep it there:

"We're gonna have to charge people to get on Belle Isle - to me we've seen it we've cleaned it up and the next day it's a garbage dump," Penske says. "People need to understand this is their place lets take care of it."

Penske's most famous racer - Hélio Castroneves - has noticed a change in Detroit since his first trip here.

Castroneves and the rest of the race world will move on after this weekend's race. Roger Penske though will still be here - working to polish Detroit's gem in the river

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