Former Tiger Robert Fick admits to steroid use

Robert Fick, who played for the Tigers from 1998-2002, admitted today he used steroids during his time in Detroit.

Appearing on Good Day LA, Fick, who hit the last home run in Tiger Stadium history, said he used steroids when trying to recover from injuries.

"Back when all the testing started, 2003, 2004, I believe a lot of guys were on something to try to stay on the field and put up numbers.

""I've tried it yeah, two times. I never did it when I was in the offseason trying to lift weights, trying to get strong, hit home runs. I was a young player, I  had 3 or 4 shoulder injuries, and I was told that it would help me get back on the field, stay on the field."

When asked if he ever thought about the fact what he was doing was illegal and against baseball, Fick said, "Of course. You think that, but there's so much money involved. When you're a ballplayer, baseball means everything to you and I was a young player and all I wanted to do was be in that lineup every day and play.  You'll pretty much do whatever it takes as a young ballplayer to do that."

Fick said during the interview that some of his teammates on the Tigers were also using steroids at the time, but chose not to name names.

"Everybody knew who was doing what and nobody cared," said Fick. "It didn't matter if it was a born-again Christian guy and he saw a guy out partying every night doing 'roids or whatever, there was no friction there. The goal is to win and be in the major leagues. That's pretty much how I saw it."

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