Tigers release 25-man playoff roster before ALDS

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit released its 25-man playoff roster before facing Oakland in the opening game of the American League Division Series at Comerica Park. Brayan Villarreal and Brennan Boesch are not on the playoff roster. 





4 Infante, Omar, inf
8 McClendon, Lloyd, coach
9 Laird, Gerald, c
10 Leyland, Jim, manager
12 Dirks, Andy, of
13 Avila, Alex, c
14 Jackson, Austin, of
17 Belliard, Rafael, coach
19 Sanchez, Anibal, rhp
20 Dotel, Octavio, rhp
21 Young, Delmon, of
22 Lamont, Gene, coach
24 Cabrera, Miguel, inf
25 Raburn, Ryan, inf/of (DL)
27 Peralta, Jhonny, inf
28 Fielder, Prince, inf
29 Worth, Danny, inf
32 Kelly, Don, inf/of
33 Smyly, Drew, lhp
34 Garcia, Avisail, of
35 Verlander, Justin, rhp
37 Scherzer, Max, rhp
39 Santiago, Ramon, inf
40 Coke, Phil, lhp
41 Martinez, Victor, c (DL)
46 Valverde, Jose, rhp
48 Porcello, Rick, rhp
51 Jones, Jeff, coach
52 Berry, Quintin, of
53 Benoit, Joaquin, rhp
55 Schlereth, Daniel, lhp (DL)
58 Fister, Doug, rhp
59 Rojas, Mike, coach
61 Brookens, Tom, coach
62 Alburquerque, Al, rhp
Leyland, Jim 
Belliard, Rafael 
Brookens, Tom 
Jones, Jeff 
Lamont, Gene 
McClendon, Lloyd 
Rojas, Mike 
Alburquerque, Al, rhp 62
Benoit, Joaquin, rhp 53
Coke, Phil, lhp 40
Dotel, Octavio, rhp 20
Fister, Doug, rhp 58
Porcello, Rick, rhp 48
Sanchez, Anibal, rhp 19
Scherzer, Max, rhp 37
Schlereth, Daniel, lhp (DL) 55
Smyly, Drew, lhp 33
Valverde, Jose, rhp 46
Verlander, Justin, rhp 35
Avila, Alex
Laird, Gerald 
Martinez, Victor
Cabrera, Miguel 
Fielder, Prince 
Infante, Omar 
Peralta, Jhonny
Santiago, Ramon 
Worth, Danny
Berry, Quintin
Dirks, Andy
Garcia, Avisail
Jackson, Austin 
Kelly, Don
Raburn, Ryan (DL)
Young, Delmon
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