"Bad Boys" serve meals at Capuchin Soup Kitchen

The Bad Boys are back in town, and took a timeout to deliver meals at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen.

The organization is one of the six charities they’re benefiting.

"This is what it’s all about OK," said John Long, a Romulus, Mich., native, and member of the 1989 championship team.

"We played all these years together, you win a championship; you’re tight-knit just like it’s your family."

"We look at ourselves on the floor as entertainers but off the floor we’re servants to the community," said Isiah Thomas, a key player from the ’89 championship team.

Those in the community said they're grateful to see the Bad Boys share their time.

"They love to give back and you can see it. You know the camaraderie [from all of them]," said Lacey Stevens, who has visited the Capuchin Soup Kitchen for the last four years.

"The relationship they’re showing with people [is special]. It gives everyone a chance to say we are a family in Detroit."

Giving back to the city of Detroit is the main reason why Bill Laimbeer decided to return.

"The best part that got me here this weekend was the charitable aspect," said Laimbeer. "You know, seeing the guys [it’s] alright. Big deal. But to incorporate a charitable situation in it I think was really great."

The Bay Boys sent a message about what fans could expect from the halftime festivities at The Palace of Auburn Hills on Friday, March 28, where they celebrated the 25th anniversary of their first NBA championship.

"Halftime will be something special because it’ll be a place that we won the first championship in Detroit," said Rick Mahorn, who was a pivotal member of the Pistons '89 championship team.

"It’s not about the fans giving to us; it’s about us giving to them," said Thomas. "The more people to show up tonight — the more love we can give to them."

"I think it’s [halftime celebration] going to be quick and easy," said Laimbeer with a smile. "They’ll parade us around; we’ll say hi to the fans. We appreciate their support over the years."