Best University of Michigan student football seats will go to those who weren't late to 2013 games

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (WXYZ) - Student football fans at the University of Michigan are about to be rewarded for their punctuality. When students buy tickets for the 2014 season, the location of their seats will be determined by whether they showed up late to 2013 games.

U of M’s Athletic Department announced today that this new arrangement had been worked out with leaders from the school’s Central Student Government.

Starting with this upcoming season, students who are football season ticket holders will be assigned reserved seats. Seating had been on a first-come, first-served basis within the student section of Michigan Stadium.

According to the university’s Athletic Department, students disliked that general admission seating policy. Students wanted to sit together with groups of friends, but that meant each person in the group would need to arrive at the same time.

The university was concerned that students have not arrived to recent games in a timely fashion. They created a seat assignment that rewards students they call “SuperFans.”

These SuperFans will be identified by looking at when tickets were scanned at the stadium’s gates during the 2013 season. According to the school, the best seats, located in the lowest rows, will go to, “Returning students who attended at least five games on time during the 2013 football season.”

Aside from punctuality, students’ seat location will be determined by their class level. Returning seniors and grad students will receive better seats than freshman.

For the 2015 football season, seating locations will be determined solely on whether students attended 2014 games and whether they arrived on time.

The new policy will allow students to form groups as large as 100 and as small as 2. Seats will be determined based on the punctuality of everyone in the group.

The university says the whole plan is meant to, “Create a home field advantage by having students attend games and arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the contest.”

Student season tickets will cost $295 for the 2014 season - a price that remains unchanged from 2013.


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