Disc golf gaining in popularity

TROY, Mich - I heard familar words.

"What we have here is a dogleg left, creek right behind the hole.  You can bogey the hole or you can birdie.  This is a risk/reward shot." 

Every time you hit the links, this is the language you speak with your playing partners. 

But this wasn't your average golf outing.  It was disc golf.  Apparently I'm slow to the game because millions are playing around the country. 

John Minicuci is one of the pioneers of disc golf in Michigan.  Along with his friend, Damon Evans, Minicuci has helped design disc golf courses and continues to push the sport to outsiders. 

It's amazing to hear his tales as he strolls down the halls of history - while he strolls down a fairway searching for his disc. 

During my round at Firefighter's Park in Troy, I learned a lot about disc golf.  The good players know how to manipulate their discs.  When it needs to go straight, they make it go straight.  When it needs to bend, they can bend it.

For the most part, it's an incredibly laid back walk through the woods with friends.  Crack open a brew, enjoy the weather, share some laughs. 

You can be competitive if you want to be, and players like John and Damon are incredibly focused when they're on the course. 

They also know how to relax and have a good time - the genesis of disc golf in the first place.

Watch my feature on disc golf in the player to the left, plus a compilation of my greatest reactions to my frisbee throws. 

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