Bush says Suh's going through a "contract thing"

ALLEN PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) - Reggie Bush, who in 2013 became the Lions first 1,000-yard rusher since 2004, shared his thoughts on Ndamukong Suh being absent, Lions head coach Jim Caldwell and how excited he is to team up with Joique Bell once again.

Bush first fielded questions as to why Suh isn't at the Lions voluntary conditioning program.

"I'm sure he's going through -- from what I know -- is a contract thing," said Bush. "That's the business side of stuff. We all go through it so everybody understands. Nobody's looking down on him. I'm sure as soon as he can be here he will be here."

Bush said he walked away feeling positive after meeting with Caldwell for the first time.

"I really like him. I like him a lot," said Bush, "[After] the first meeting we had I was really impressed with some of the things that he said and talked about.

"Very impressive, and just a well spoken guy, smart, and you can just tell he knows what he's talking about. [I'm] excited to work for him this season."

Bush also weighed in on what he and Bell can do after both became the first running back duo to rack up at least 500 yards rushing and receiving in a single season.

"Joique's a great player, and I think what me and him have going right now is pretty good," said Bush. "And hopefully we can build on what we were able to put together last year."

Bush said that he and Bell aren't "at all worried about the workload" with some of the new changes in 2014.

"I think we both work hard enough throughout the offseason to prepare ourselves for a heavy workload," said Bush.




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