Could the Detroit Lions be getting alternate jerseys? Lewand says 'Stay tuned'

ALLEN PARK, Mich. - Lions fans, decision makers within the organization hear you.

After players began wearing new black pants during this year's training camp, buzz around town regarding a possible alternate jersey picked up new steam.

"I would stay tuned," Lions president Tom Lewand said.

In an interview with WXYZ, Lewand revealed the Lions have been interested in Nike's creativity since the company took over as the league's outfitter last season.

"With our partnership with Nike, they've done some innovative things on the gridiron and the collegiate level. I think we've seen some tweaks they've made to other NFL teams," he said.

League rules may soon be changing to aid the dreams of Lions fans. Currently, the NFL rules prohibit teams from creating a third jersey different in a style than the home and away jerseys. For example, the Houston Texans added a red jersey with the exact same look of their other two uniforms. The only alteration was the color scheme.

The exception to the rule has been the use of a throwback uniform, but there is a growing sentiment around the league for free reign to rule when it comes to creating a third jersey. Inspired by Nike and marketing benefits, that rule could take effect in 2015.

Could the Lions jump in on the party?

"We're certainly interested, if it's something the players want and the fans want, we want to be responsive to it," Lewand said.

After wearing alternate black jerseys from 2005-07, the team dropped the third jersey in favor of the traditional throwback uniform. Lewand admitted the excitement surrounding a potential alternate is felt within the walls of Allen Park, but the Lions must also "preserve our traditions."

Lewand explained the black practice pants are easier to clean than the traditional silver pants worn in years past. The reasons for making the switch were practical.

"The black pants in practice are really just an outgrowth of black shorts when it's a shorts practice. It's a stock Nike product," he said.

Last season, soon after Nike's uniforms hit Allen Park, Calvin Johnson told WXYZ he loved the idea of an all-black uniform and helmet.

"Calvin would look good in anything. We could go back to our real Honolulu blue and silver throwbacks with no black and Calvin could still pull that off," Lewand joked.

Those jerseys, rest assured, aren't coming back, but the dream of a black alternate jersey may soon become a reality.

Brad Galli is a Sports Reporter at WXYZ Detroit. Follow Brad on Twitter @BradGalli

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