Detroit Lions announce Verizon bringing WiFi to Ford Field

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The Detroit Lions say Verizon is making the internet available for fans at Ford Field by making the stadium the ninth in the NFL with WiFi.

According to the Lions the new high-density system was designed and built by Verizon as a supplement to the tradition cell cites and the existing in-stadium distribute antenna system.

The plan to upgrade the system was apparently brought to the Lions by Verizon.

The existing DAS system was put into place by Verizon in 2006. The cell phone provider began increasing and expanding the system in 2012. 

The new network is built from 10 miles of fiber-optic cable and 15 miles of copper cabling. It is designed to provide fans with better internet access so they can access social media and stream video from the internet from the comfort of their seats.

The system is the first of its kind at any major sports arena in Michigan.


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