Ex-Lion WR Titus Young faces three new charges

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Former Detroit Lions' wide receiver Titus Young's troubles just keep growing.  

Young, who has been jailed since May 11, was charged with three new counts today, bringing the grand total to 11.

An emotionless Young made an appearance today at a pretrial hearing in Orange County Superior Court where he refused to address the judge. The new counts are not available at the time because they have not been filed yet.

Young's attorney, Altus W. Hudson II, said they are related to the alleged attempted burglary the night of May 11. Three of the previous eight charges given to Young are felonies. He also faces possible prosecution for a DUI arrest in Riverside County, Calif.

Young, released by the Lions last season, was arrested three times in a week earlier this month. According to reports, Judge Andre Manssourian raised the bail because of the new charges. The bail was doubled from the original $25,000 to $50,000 because he believes Young poses a danger to the community.

Young has a troubled past on the football field as well, getting into fights with teammates and coaches at Boise State and Detroit. His ex-girlfriend recently filed a temporary restraining order to protect her and their nine-month old son, Titus Young Jr.

Hudson was granted by the judge to have a mental health professional come to the jail and evaluate Young.

Young was addressed by the judge in court, but refused to answer. The judge instantly called the attorneys into a sidebar, which lasted for over 12 minutes. During that time Young stood there, his head titled back and his eyes closed most of the time. While the sidebar was happening Young's father, Richard, called out to him but Young ignored him as well.

Hudson afterward said that it is Young's right to remain silent and that's what he chose to do.

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