Kid Rock debuts Lions anthem 'In Detroit'

Kid Rock and the Detroit Lions: a match made in Pepsi heaven.
The Michigan-born artist debuted his Lions-inspired anthem, "In Detroit." Pepsi created an "NFL Anthems" series, where homegrown artists pen and record songs for their team.
Listen and download "In Detroit" for free on Pepsi's website here .
Other anthem artists have already released tracks to the Pepsi music world.
Kelly Clarkson sings on 'Get Up (A Cowboys Anthem).' Travie McCoy's New York Giants anthem, titled 'All In,' was released in stores. Ice Cube wrote a song for his longtime favorite team, the Oakland Raiders.
"The synergy of music and sports has never been more prevalent, and the effect that music has on sports culture is never more present than in the NFL," said Todd Kaplan, Director, Pepsi Sports Marketing.
"The Pepsi NFL Anthems program will help bring the NFL's passionate fan base closer to their teams through an authentic musical experience - whether it's listening to the anthem on your way to the game, or hearing it blast throughout the stadium after a big play."
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