Lions Calvin Johnson battling nerve damage, resulting concussion

ALLEN PARK, Mich. - Calvin Johnson fought through a knee injury last week in Jacksonville, collecting seven catches and 129 yards in the Lions win.

The wide receiver has battled the nagging injury for weeks, piling on top of other ailments this season; including a wrist injury. He has been sidelined throughout the team's practices, including all of this week's workouts.

Thursday, he said there's even more to it than what meets the eye -- and the injury report.

Asked about the hits the Vikings landed on him during the Lions loss in Week 4, Johnson said there has been a lasting effect.

"Actually, I had some nerve damage, so that was kind of messing up my grip a little bit," he said.

Johnson said twice it is a long season, and playing through injuries is part of the NFL player's life.

Then he added some deeper insight into the Week 4 game.

"Not to blame it on that, but I think that a concussion maybe could have had something to do with some of that damage I had going on."

Lions head coach Jim Schwartz was asked about the incident, and refuted the idea his All-Pro player was even injured to that extent.

"He wasn't concussed," Schwartz said.

He did agree with Johnson, saying injuries are a part of football.

"He's had a bunch of different things come up this year, particularly his knees. But he affects the game the way that he does. That's no different than Adrian Peterson coming off an ACL and still finding a way to be effective. Great players can do that."

In eight games this season, Johnson has 48 catches for 767 yards and one touchdown.

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