Mayhew looks ahead, not back as Lions Training Camp continues

Lions general manager Martin Mayhew is focused on the 2013 performing on the field and leaving the memories of a bitter 4-12 season behind.

Speaking before today's practice in Allen Park, Mayhew maintained an air of confidence as he described this year's team as the strongest and most athletic he and his team has crafted in his five years as general manager.

"I'm very excited about this football team," said Mayhew. "I think we've got real positive energy in the locker room. Guys showed up in great shape. They're working really hard."

Whenever he was asked to comment about 2012 or talk about the lessons he learned from the disappointing season, Mayhew returned to a consistent message.

"I'm going to let last year be last year and this year be this year."

Mayhew has overseen the Jim Schwartz era, a four-year stretch during which the team has gone 22-42.  More so than ever, Schwartz and Mayhew are expected to deliver a playoff berth this season.

"It's the National Football League," said Mayhew. "The urgency is there every single year. You talk about hot seats - there are 32 hot seats.  Every GM, every head coach. There's an expectation, I think, in this league of perfection and people are imperfect.

"The heat on the seat kind of varies from week to week. There are some guys whose seats are real cool right now that are going to be hot come January so we'll see what happens."

When pressed about his own job security, Mayhew said, "32 GMs, 32 head coaches. There's an expectation that we have success here and that's across the board everywhere in the National Football League, so I'm certainly going to work as hard as I can to keep my seat cool."

Tom Leyden is the Sports Director at WXYZ. Follow Tom on Twitter: @TomLeyden


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