Ndamukong Suh shows off 'fun loving' side at camp

DEARBORN, Mich. - He's known as one of the most intimidating players in the NFL, but Ndamukong Suh has a weakness.


The Lions defensive tackle proved he wasn't immune to the atmosphere of comfort created by kids at his football camp held at Dearborn High School over the weekend.

"Those kids definitely bring out another side of me, a more fun loving side," Suh said.

"You get the fun, loving wild one that likes to have fun with the kids and run around and chase them. You don't have the serious Suh that's on the football field."

Suh appeared before the kids stripped of his usual gridiron apparel, trading his helmet and pads for a bucket hat, T-shirt and shorts. The two-time Pro Bowler assumed the role of coach Suh, taking the time to share encouraging words of wisdom and competing with the kids in running and passing drills.

Nearly 300 kids, ages 7-14, visited the camp Saturday and Sunday to participate. Ziggy Ansah and Willie Young were among of defensive linemen who joined the camp's leadership team.

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