Rob Rubick: Lions need to limit turnovers

By: Rob Rubick
Ford Lions Report Live analyst

Offensive Keys

On the offensive side of the football the Lions have some figuring out to do.

They have to figure out how to get this offense on track before the start of the second half and they can't keep digging themselves a hole each and every week. The defense is playing well but the offense has to do its part.

Seattle may play more man coverage, similar to what the Lions saw against Philadelphia.

Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner are two big, physical corners who Pete Carroll will trust to play man coverage against Calvin Johnson. If Seattle plays zone up front with the two big corners they are going to look to get their hands on the Lions receivers and disrupt the timing of the passing game.

The Lions can't turn the ball over, either. They turned the ball over four times against Chicago, yet still had a chance to win the game.

If they can protect the football and not turn it over and create some turnovers, their chances of winning greatly increase.

The Lions have to get their passing game going and limit the turnovers.

The offense has started to run the ball better with the heavy set and using Riley Reiff more. The heavy set is creating some good running lanes for the running backs and the backs ran well, but you just cannot fumble the football.

Defensive Keys

The main task at hand is to stop the big running back, Marshawn Lynch.

Lynch may be the most physical running back the Lions have faced this year and that could give them some problems.

If you can make Seattle throw the ball and dictate when they throw the ball, you're going to be in good shape because Russell Wilson is still a rookie quarterback. If the Lions can shut down Lynch and force them into a passing game, they'll have a great opportunity to win.

Early Offensive Struggles

Teams don't want to give up the instant strike or the big play against Detroit.

Defenses are making sure no one can get vertical on them and are forcing Stafford to throw underneath routes which is why the Lions have been able to move the ball in the fourth quarter.

The receivers are not doing a good job of beating man coverage down the field and they're not catching the ball very well right now.

Last year Calvin Johnson had only three drops all year and he's already had a few this year. Brandon Pettigrew has had his issues with drops.

More importantly, you can't turn the ball over or take negative plays with sacks. Negative plays are hard to overcome.

Overcoming Burleson Injury

Nate's not what he was three years ago and may have lost a step. He is more of a possession receiver, but he's a steadying force in the locker room and his leadership skills are second to none.

As far as his skill-set, Ryan Broyles will be able to step in and fill that need.

Hopefully over the next couple of years, Broyles can become the type of receiver that Burleson was five years ago.  

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