Rob Rubick: Lions must start early

By: Rob Rubick
Ford Lions Report Live Analyst

Offensive Keys

The Lions need to put the pedal down early on and open things up offensively.

We've seen the success the Lions offense has had in the second half when they come out and focus on stretching the field and throwing the ball more.

The Packers secondary has been gouged at times and with Clay Matthews being out, the offensive line should have more time to get the ball vertical and hit them with big plays.

This team has struggled in the first half, so it's imperative they get on track early

Defensive Keys

Good luck.

It's next man up when you have Aaron Rodgers at quarterback.

Gregg Jennings has been out with an injury and Jordy Nelson has been in and out as well, and all of the sudden Randall Cobb is a pro-bowler.

Cobb is a good player but when he has Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball, he becomes a great player.

Rodgers gets the most out of everyone on that team.

Jermichael Finley had no production, but Tom Crabtree comes in and he has better stats than Finley.

Defensively you have to realize Green Bay is going to move the ball, but you hope that when they get in the red zone you can make them kick field goals.

Slow Starts for Lions Offense

When the Lions have been trailing in the third or fourth quarter, they are able to throw more, and then slip a run in, which makes the offense more effective.

If they come out early with that mentality and throw the ball the first fifteen plays, and then use the run, they can have more success.

You can pass to run in the NFL.

Some teams want to establish the run first to set up the play-action pass but I think you can pass first to set up the run.

By passing first, then focusing on running the ball, the offense can loosen the defense up, get them to play back, then run the ball.

Winning the turnover battle

The only stat that holds true in the NFL is turnovers.

The Lions cannot turn the ball over against Green Bay.

They don't have to play a perfect game, but they have to play a good game.

Detroit needs to not turn the ball over offensively, create some turnovers on defense, and make Green Bay kick field goals.

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