Stefan Logan won't return kicks for Lions against Bears

ALLEN PARK, Mich. - Stefan Logan hasn't returned a kick or punt for a touchdown this season, but it was a critical mental mistake that has led the Lions to make a decision with their return game.

The team is removing Logan from returns for the season finale against the Chicago Bears.

"I'm mad, at the same time, there's nothing I can do about it," he told reporters.

Last week, Logan took a knee at the four-yard line after catching a safety kick from the Falcons. Head coach Jim Schwartz called the mistake "inexcusable."

Logan pointed the finger at himself for the change in return plans.

"That's the coach's decision. I blame myself. I'm not blaming the coaches. I blame myself."

Logan said he lost track of where he was on the field, and then took it a step further.

"The game was already over. It's not like I cost the game for us," he said. "It's always a team thing."

The 31-year old was signed by the Lions during the 2010 season. He was named a Pro Bowl alternate that year.

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