Tulloch and Vanden Bosch look forward to meeting Titans

Both players spent five years with organization

ALLEN PARK, Mich. - It's homecoming week for a couple of Lions, Kyle Vanden Bosch and Stephen Tulloch, who had tremendous success as members of the Tennessee Titans before landing in Detroit.

"I was close with the strength coaches and a lot of the people that work the sidelines during game day," said Kyle Vanden Bosch, a Lions defensive end, about his playing days with Tennessee.

"It will be good to see a lot of familiar faces."

When Vanden Bosch meets those familiar faces on Sunday, it will serve as a reminder of the Tennessee team that didn't re-sign him. After all, Vanden Bosch gave the Titans five years.

Any hard feelings?

"No, there's none," said Vanden Bosch. "I had a great time there. Like I said, I wouldn't change it. I was meant to be here. [I] came here for a reason, and I'm set on finishing and accomplishing on what I intended to do when I got here."

Vanden Bosch said the goal is to help the Lions win the Super Bowl.

"We still have a lot of work ahead of us but you know I can see that this team is special, and we have the potential to do special things," said Vanden Bosch.

Going back to Nashville, Tenn., will spark memories for Vanden Bosch but also for Tulloch, who spent five years with the organization.

"I started my career there seven years ago when they drafted me in 2006, " Tulloch, a Lions linebacker, said. "A lot of memories. A lot of people that I have grown relationships with us, life-long friends."

But there will be nothing friendly when the Lions and Titans tangle this weekend.

"Our goal is to go out there and get a win and play the best ball we can play," said Tulloch. "It's going to be exciting. It's going to be something you turn up just a little bit more."

In a game that will be extra special for Vanden Bosch and Tulloch.


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