Ziggy Ansah's 3D glasses: the story behind the NFL Draft fashion statement

ALLEN PARK, Mich. - Style and fashion have grown to be focal points for the millions of eyes watching the NFL Draft each year.

Thursday night, Ziggy Ansah stepped out with a unique statement as he trotted out onto the stage at Radio City Music Hall.

As he spoke with the reporters on TV, tweets around the football world began flying. The newest member of the Detroit Lions was wearing 3D glasses. Yes, the ones you get from the movies.

"I've been wearing these for a long time, starting back in Utah. Whenever I wear them, my coach makes fun of me, and my friends all do (too)," Ansah explained.

They poked fun at their friendly giant of a teammate throughout the season, but when it came time for Ansah to make his first mark on the NFL, they challenged him.

"They were like, 'Man, I'm gonna dare you to wear them for the Draft.'"

Ansah didn't back down.

"I was like, 'Okay, that's so easy.' That's what I do. And then I just did it."

The former BYU defensive end arrived at the Lions headquarters Friday. He shared the tale of the 3D glasses with no lenses that took Twitter by storm.

Ironically, he was prompted to explain their origin when reporters realized he wasn't wearing them anymore. Ansah then walked over to his mother, and was handed a new pair of glasses for his introductory press conference.

"This is an upgrade," he said as he put on the pair of actual glasses with clear frames.

Eyewear retailer SVS Vision sent over a pair for the rookie to wear.

Ansah wore the new specs as he fielded questions. Many of the inquiries required him to address his inexperience. The 23-year old told reporters he doesn't let others' opinions weigh him down, and plans on letting his playing do the talking.

That's probably the way he'd prefer it, one day after his bold fashion statement did all the talking.

Brad Galli is a Sports Reporter for WXYZ Detroit. Follow Brad on Twitter @BradGalli .

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