Franchitti frustrated after qualifying session at Belle Isle

Indy 500 champion Dario Franchitti will start 15th in tomorrow's Grand Prix and he vented his frustration to Tom Leyden after today's qualifying session.

"We were very frustrated," said Franchitti. "The guys were doing everything they could to tell me who was behind, but the problem was there were about four cars behind and I couldn't hold them up.

"I was trying to create the gap and I don't think you can do more than give somebody about four or five seconds gap on a lap. There's a certain level you have to be at."

Franchitti's frustration was directed towards fellow racer Ed Carpenter, saying Carpenter's road racing skills were partly to blame for today's poor performance.

"I think Ed has done a great job improving his road course driving, but today was a moving chicane," Franchitti said. "At some point when we're in that position, we'll repay the favor."

Despite the disappointing finish at qualifying, Franchitti acknowledged that with some good racing strategy his car is fast enough to finish at the top.

"Strategy is always very, very important here. (It) always has been. You've got to have a fast car too, though," Franchitti said. "It think we have got a fast car now, we've just got to make the right strategy calls tomorrow to try to get it up there. It's going to be tough."

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