Who will make it into the NFL's Hall of Fame

Every year, on the Saturday before the Super Bowl members of the NFL's Hall of Fame Committee meet to decide which players should be enshrined in Canton.

Our Baltimore sister stations WMAR-TV's Scott Garceau is on that committee; he'll be in the meeting Saturday advocating for two Baltimore nominees -- Jonathan Ogden and Art Modell.

Ogden was drafted by the Ravens in 1996, and played his entire professional career with the team.  He was the starting left tackle on the Ravens' Super Bowl team after the 2000 season.

He went to 11 Pro Bowls and was an All-Pro nine times.

Garceau says Ogden could be the strongest of any of the 17 candidates for enshrinement this year, and gives him anywhere from a 75-80 percent chance of being voted into the Hall of Fame on Saturday.  "You can't teach 6' 9" 340 (pounds)," Garceau said. "He had strength, he had quickness, he could maul you on run-blocking, he was great against the speed rushers.  He could do it all."

Ravens owner Art Modell could also be selected for enshrinement; Garceau says this is the first time he has made it into the discussion during the pre-Super Bowl Hall of Fame Committee Meeting.

He owned the Cleveland Browns from 1961 until he moved them to Baltimore in 1995; and continued to own the Ravens franchise until 2004.

Modell died last year at the age of 87.

He is considered a pioneer in negotiating the television contracts that have expanded the NFL's popularity.  But many people in Cleveland cannot forgive Modell for moving the Browns to Baltimore.

"Art is a tougher sell," Garceau said.  "A lot of times voters take players over contributors; Pete Rozelle may be the greatest commissioner in the history of sports.  He was a finalist eight times before he finally got into the Hall of Fame.  I told Art years before he died, 'You are a Hall of Famer, you'll be in the Hall of Fame, it's just a matter of when that room comes around to making it official."

The committee meeting begins on Saturday morning. Garceau said it is not expected to wrap up until late Saturday afternoon, at which time the selections will be made public.

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