Hearing held for fired Oakland University women's basketball coach Beckie Francis

PONTIAC, Mich. (WXYZ) - A judge will decide how much of a personnel record Oakland University must release to a fired basketball coach.

Beckie Francis, who had one of the best school records for women's basketball, was fired in June after initially being placed on unpaid suspension.

In court filings, the university said Francis mentally and emotionally abused players. She also allegedly had a "pray to play" policy, intertwining her religious beliefs with the team. Francis is also accused of being "obsessed" with players' body weight and fat. Her attorney, Deborah Gordon, says her client is being judged unfairly.

"They have fat camps, some of the male coaches. They don't mince any words. But my client is now accused of ridiculous allegations of eating disorders. It's nonsensical," Gordon told Action News.

Gordon denies the allegations and says Francis wants to know why she was terminated. She has asked for a copy of her personnel record that is not redacted. The university says it cannot release all of her information, which potentially includes student information.
"Some of the information is not disclosable because of the students' privacy interests, and the university is legally responsible for protecting the students' privacy," said Robert Boonin, an attorney for Oakland University.

Court filing show the university fired "for cause," which means they wouldn't owe her any money. According to Gordon, if Francis had been fired "at will," she would have received a year of severance pay.

Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Martha Anderson said she will look at the clean copy of the file and determine what information, if any, should be released.

Francis was not in court Wednesday for the hearing.

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