Catherine Nardi walks the walk as No. 1 Red Wings fan

GARDEN CITY, Mich. (WXYZ) - As Detroit gets ready for Game 2 of its Western Conference semifinals against Chicago on Saturday, we have found someone who might just be the No. 1 Red Wings fan in Detroit.

Catherine Nardi has been rooting on Detroit for over two decades, and recently showed 7 Action Sports why she's arguably the No. 1 Wings fan in Hockeytown.

If you think you're the biggest Red Wings fan, Nardi just might you have beat.

Nardi isn't just talking the talk, she's walking the walk.

"My hockey best friend forever; she says I have the loudest 'woo-hoo' in the NHL," said Nardi with a smile.

"And I've actually had people cover their ears that sit around me in the games, so I think being the loudest fan it probably makes me the best fan."

All of the decorations in Nardi's room help tell the story of what a loyal Red Wings fan she really is.

From red and white Klenex to a picture of Chris Osgood on her laptop, bobble heads, ticket stubs of Red Wings as well as a picture with one of Detroit's Stanley Cups – who can top this?

"Everyone knows what my passion is and that I really love the Red Wings, and I love the game of hockey," said Nardi.

"I attended a game in Canada [before the NHL regular season] it was [called] 'Rock The Lockout', and Daniel Clearly was the spearhead of that and he had a bunch of NHL players and the Red Wings.

"And there was probably I think nine or 10 Red Wings players there, and they had an autograph session prior to the game and I had brought some pucks [for them to sign]. And I also had them sign my hat."

Nardi also has some fond memories of her favorite Red Wings moments in Hockeytown.

"When Ozzie [Chris Osgood] fought Patrick Roy," said Nardi. "It was really exciting. We were sitting way up in the stands, and all of a sudden they skated across at each other and they dropped the gloves. The next thing you know they were going at it."

Here's another reason why Nardi just might be the No. 1 Red Wings fan in Metro Detroit:

"I told my son I want to be buried in my Osgood jersey when I die," said Nardi. "Not joking around [I'm] totally serious."

Enough said.

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