Farewell Don Shane! WXYZ Sports Director retires

In the 20 days that have passed since Don Shane announced his retirement, life in the office has been more hectic than ever.  I've logged a lot of hours, especially with three teams in the NCAA Tournament last weekend, but I've also logged a lot of file footage. 

And what a riot it is to look back on some of the best stuff Don Shane's ever done.

You have to understand where I'm coming from.  As a person who didn't grow up in Michigan, I didn't know Don Shane before I applied for the job at WXYZ.  My first impression after meeting him in 2004 was that he was warm-hearted and very friendly.  

I was right on the button.

As I settled into the new job, I couldn't get over Don's impact on this region.  I kept hearing about these famous "Dare Don" segments so I asked to see some old tape.   After Don dug them out of his file cabinet for me to watch, my immediate reaction was, "These have to air again!"

We quickly found a home for the Classic Dare Don segments on WXYZ.com .

The Dare Don segments from the 90s are a big part of Don Shane's legacy at WXYZ, but as you'll see throughout today's celebration of Don's career, there was much more to Don than just creativity and charm.  He was always committed to ethics, doing things the right way and trying as hard as we could to do it better than our competition.  

He wasn't just a part of everlasting sports memories.  For many people, he narrated them. 

Please join us today on Action News at 5, Action News at 6, Action News at 7 and Action News at 11.  We'll share with you some fantastic tributes to Don, as well as some of his "greatest hits."

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