Leyland stresses importance of keeping Tigers active before World Series

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The Tigers took the field on Saturday at Comerica Park for batting practice and light drills to get ready for the opener of the World Series.

As Tigers nation waits to find out who will win the San Francisco-St. Louis National League Championship Series (NLCS) to meet Detroit, Justin Verlander and teammates gathered for practice on a sunny afternoon.

Tigers skipper Jim Leyland stressed the importance of the practice session, especially after what happened to Detroit in the World Series in 2006.

"We just couldn't not sit around like we did last time, and it wasn't our fault. I mean, we just thought we'd be able to get some work in here. Well, it turned out the weather got bad and we had to go inside," said Leyland.

"It wasn't anybody's fault. Some people indicated, 'well, send a couple of guys home.' Well, we did for a day. It was OK for a day but you get back [and] we had plenty of time to get ready but the weather just didn't cooperate. It's one thing that I sweated out to be honest with you because this is not perfect either, because you can get somebody hurt in one of these [instructional league] games."

Tigers will return to Comerica Park on Sunday for a scrimmage with players from the instructional league. Detroit will open up the World Series on Wednesday at San Francisco or St. Louis.




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