VIDEO: Kid Rock takes Grand Prix spin with Helio Castroneves

BELLE ISLE, Mich. - The hottest new collaborators in town: Kid Rock and Helio Castroneves.

The IndyCar driver provided the only soundtrack the two needed for their trip around the track at the Belle Isle Grand Prix Thursday.

"Fortunately, we listened to the engine of the Chevy," Castroneves said.

The Detroit rocker rode shotgun with the three-time Indianapolis 500 champion for three laps around the street course in anticipation of Sunday's Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix.

"It was a blast. He picked it up a bit for me," Kid Rock explained.

The Kid said he wasn't nervous for a minute; not with the elite driver behind the wheel. Throughout the laps, that reached speeds over 110 miles an hour, there were some moments that made Castroneves turn his head.

"He was worried about his hat flying away," the driver laughed. "I started slow, started explaining (the course) a little bit, then I said 'Let me go a little bit more.'"

The Romeo-born musician was invited to the track by Roger Penske, the spearheading ring-leader behind racing's return to the island. The team owner expects Kid Rock showing up for the main event Sunday.

"I got a show Saturday night out east, and I'm gonna try to boogie my way back down here for the race."

His enthusiasm for the event shouldn't come as a surprise. The outspoken and tireless Michigan supporter jumped at the opportunity to get in the car, something he'd hoped to have done growing up in the 1980's, watching his favorite former drivers.

Rock's embrace of the Grand Prix had him beaming, saying the city "deserved" a return to the track.

"It's gonna be beautiful. What a treat to have this back in Detroit."

And as for that collaboration with Castroneves? Kid Rock said he'll add a new disc to the driver's CD player.

It's the least he could do for keeping his hat on straight.

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