Korey Reichard has 800 reasons to smile

10-year old from Jackson sets record

Just over 80 miles from downtown Detroit in Jackson, a consistent rumbling at the AMF Summit Lanes can't help but catch your attention.  Bowling balls glide down the lane with such precision, it leaves your eyes wide and mouth agape. 

Then, as you set your eyes on a copy of Sports Illustrated featuring Korey Reichard in the "Faces in the Crowd" section, the scope of this prodigious talent truly hits home.

"Pretty cool for someone to get in that like me," said Reichard.

Korey Reichard is ten years old.  He first rolled a bowling ball down the lanes when he was two.

On January 21, he became the youngest American bowler in history to roll an 800 series and that achievement opened the eyes of the editors at Sports Illustrated.

"I added up the two first games and I knew I had to get something high," said Reichard.  "But I didn't know I had to get a 278."

That's exactly what he scored.

"I started out with eight strikes," said Reichard.  "Nine spare, strike, strike, then nine for a 278.   I got 800 on the nose."

Korey's parents, Jill and Todd are bowlers as well.  His dad is the girls bowling coach at Vandercook Lake High School.

"It's been fun to watch him grow," said Todd.  "Shoot 600, 700, 800 all in one year, within a few months, so the experience has been fun.  I knew he was going to be good.  He works very, very hard at bowling, so I knew he was going to do something special, I just didn't know what."

A spot in Sports Illustrated, some local celebrity around the elementary school hallways is obviously a boost to the ego, but it makes you wonder – what's the long term plan here?

"I want to be a bowler, I can tell you that," said Korey.  "That's my best sport I can play right now."

"Everything we've done so far I think he gets a little overwhelmed at times," said Todd.  "I'm not going to push him.  I'm going to keep working and doing the same things we've been doing.  

You keep setting ‘em up.  He'll keep knockin' em down.

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