Clarkston begins title defense with one omission: no title banner on field

(WXYZ) - Most people in the Clarkston area know the Wolves won their first football state championship last November.

Strangers visiting the high school's football stadium this fall won't have a clue.

Despite a newly renovated stadium and concession stand project two years in the making, Clarkston's football team made one glaring omission from their decoration plans.

There will be no title banner visible at the stadium this year.

"We didn't want to gloat or anything out here," senior quarterback D.J. Zezula said at the team's first practice on Monday.

The 32-14 state championship victory over Novi Catholic Central was the first in Clarkston's history, and the first in Kurt Richardson's 27-year stint as head coach.

"We can't live on our past. You learn from it and build from it, but it's over and done with," Richardson said.

There is a banner in the school's gym, but keeping it in there - and away from the field - was by design.

"The big thing this year is we didn't want to have the 'big head syndrome,'" Zezula said. "We didn't want to get full of ourselves. We know we got a big target on our back."

Richardson said it was a team decision to keep the 2013 memories inside the school, and the motivation for 2014 on the field.

"We're not satisfied with one," Zezula said.

Maybe if they get another, they could convince their coach to move the banner from the gym to the field.

Brad Galli is a Sports Reporter for WXYZ Detroit. Follow Brad on Twitter @BradGalli

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