Matthew Stafford visits Pentagon, White House

Mr. Stafford went to Washington. 

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford joined Redskins linebacker London Fletcher and Michigan Congressman Gary Peters on a tour of The Pentagon and The White House this afternoon, where the trio showcased a special video game created by Visa that's designed to teach kids the ins and outs of financial responsibility.

The game, called Financial Football,helps students and adults tackle their financial futures.  The game incorporates lessons taught through Practical Money Skills for Life ( ), a free, award-winning money management program.  This game is accompanied by a classroom curriculum.

"Make them understand the importance of financial education and learning what's important and what's going to make them successful in life," said Stafford.  "I think that's a mission that all of us need to take a hand in and help these kids along."

"Visa is promoting this program," said Peters. "It will be giving this program to schools throughout Michigan, throughout the greater Detroit area.  And to have Matthew Stafford here playing with a number of young people, it really shows that learning about financial literacy can be something that's exciting, that's fun, and it doesn't make your eyes glaze over.  You can actually have fun playing football."

The group stopped at The Pentagon first, then traveled to The White House, where another eager group of young people awaited their arrival.  Stafford had never visited either The White House or The Pentagon before today.

"There's so much history and so many important decisions go on in both The Pentagon and The White House.  I got a chance to visit a little bit of The West Wing," said Stafford.  "It was amazing.  I got to see the Oval Office, something that a lot of people don't get the chance to see."

"I was joking with him as he was on The White House grounds that he should kind of get used to it," said Peters.  "Because next year he'll be back with the Super Bowl-winning team."

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