Michigan won't elect captains until after regular season

(WXYZ) - Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke did not name captains prior to Saturday’s season opener against Appalachian State. At his press conference on Monday, Hoke said the team will have captains, but not until after the regular season ends.

“We’ve had unbelievable leadership throughout the team, and we’ve talked about if you’re good enough, you’re old enough [to lead],” Hoke said. “We will have captains, but they’ll be voted on after the Ohio [State] game.”

Last season, seniors Taylor Lewan, Courtney Avery and Cam Gordon and junoir Jake Ryan were elected captains by their teammates before the season opener. But after a 7-6 season, Hoke saw need for a change.

Hoke complimented the senior class and its leadership, something that was lacking last season. “We’ve got great leadership in our senior class, we really do, especially on defense and with Devin [Gardner], he’s been absolutely fantastic. But at the same time, we’ve talked about leadership throughout the team, throughout every class.”

Starting quarterback Devin Gardner has no issue with his coach’s decision. “It’s not a big deal. We just want to go win football games. I don’t feel like that’s something that is going to hold us back. I think Coach Hoke made that decision because he thinks it’s going to help the team,” Gardner said on Monday.

Hoke said that the team has 18 fourth- and fifth-year players that can represent the team at the coin toss before kickoff.

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