Miguel Cabrera stars in Rihanna 'Diamonds' parody video

(WXYZ) - Miguel Cabrera is known as an MVP, a Triple Crown winner, and one of the best hitters in baseball.

Add "music video star" to his latest accomplishments.

The Tigers third baseman stars in the latest video from MLB Fan Cave, a parody of the Rihanna song, "Diamonds."

Cabrera doesn't sing in the music video, but mouths the words to "Get Back to the Diamond," set to the tune of the Top 40 hit. He sports diving goggles, an eye patch (from his visit to the Fan Cave last year), and even eats a baguette because it's his "pregame meal."

The song itself sounds cheap but the MLB Fan Cave folks aren't looking for a Grammy. The premise is funny, and Cabrera, paired with Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones, sells out for the humor.

The best line throughout the video? "My bat is a wooden sword."

Watch the music video and judge Miguel's lip-syncing and dance moves for yourself.


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