Niklas Kronwall won't change style of play

Babcock wants Kronwall to stay aggressive

As the Red Wings returned to practice this morning to prepare for Friday's game against Los Angeles, defenseman Niklas Kronwall was still reflecting on his heavy hit against the Flyers Jakub Voracek and the reputation he's building across the NHL.

"I think everything happens so fast out there it's not always easy to judge if it's a good hit or not," said Kronwall. "You always want to think it's a good hit, but you can't really tell until you see the replay because everything happens so fast out there."

"Kronner's got to continue to play his game," said Babcock.  "Targeting the head - he didn't target the head.  The guy was leaning forward. He didn't want to hurt him in any way, that's not his intention.  I think we all know that real well in here and there's no issue that way, but he's gotta be a competitor and play hard and that's part of the game.   And we want that in the game, but we sure don't want anyone getting hurt.  Kronner understands that, understands how the game's supposed to be played and plays it well."

Kronwall was not penalized for the hit in Tuesday's game and faced no discipline from the NHL either.  Still, he's well aware of his reputation and is always mindful of keeping his checks legal.

"I know in the past there's been times that I've come off my feet and that's obviously something that I've been trying to work on," said Kronwall.  "I think that's still a learning curve and I'm getting better at it I think." 

"There's a certain amount that goes on the players you're playing against," said Babcock.  "Understand who on the ice does what they do.  So if I'm playing the puck on that side, I don't have my head down."

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