Nix and Byrd voted as captains for 2012-13 MSU Basketball team

During his media day session, Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo announced Derrick Nix and Russell Byrd will captain the 2012-13 Spartans squad.

"Personally, I think the players did a good job," said Izzo.  "There was not one coach that had a vote in it.  I decided this year, we talked about it early in the summer, we were going to wait until the last day of our preseason camp and everybody was going to try to earn the right to be one.

"I think what Day-Day (Draymond Green) did is he brought it back to be important to be a captain.  I think we lost that for a year or two.

"That is going to be a lot of responsibility. One guy (Nix) has got big enough shoulders to handle it, but yet's got some things to do to make sure that he is deserving. The other guy (Byrd)  I think is finally healthy and has a lot of the qualities and has shown an incredibly ability to be a good teammate this summer."

"I don't know why I feel as good as I've felt in ten years," said Izzo. "I think we have a lot of things going for us.  Maybe some more than I thought.  We're coming off an incredible year where it kind of revives you in itself.  We had a leader in Draymond Green and I'm sure those are some of the questions are going to be later on, and they're that way with me."

"We have to keep in perspective that Draymond Green was a once-in-a-decade leader - maybe once every 13 years." 

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