Prosecutors lay out detailed timeline of Odin Lloyd murder

Hernandez with victim moments before crime

Prosecutors in the case against Aaron Hernandez detailed the final moments leading to the murder of Odin Lloyd, implicating the former NFL star.

Presenting the case in Attleboro District Court, Assistant District Attorney Bill McCauley chronicled an alleged crime that was orchestrated by Hernandez.

According to McCauley, Hernandez was upset with Lloyd due to the fact he had spoken with people that made Hernandez uncomfortable.  Hernandez was believed to have said he "couldn't trust anyone anymore."

On the evening of June 16, Hernandez sent text messages to friends in Connecticut at 9:35pm, urging them to "get your a$$ up here," followed by another text at 10:23pm telling them to "hurry your a$$ up."

Hernandez eventually met with his friends and at 2:28am on the morning of June 17, he was seen on surveillance video purchasing gas and gum, plus rolling papers, at a gas station.

Hernandez, driving a silver Nissan Altima arrived at Lloyd's house at 2:32am, sending Lloyd a text message stating, "we're here."

The four men left Lloyd's house and proceeded to drive to Boston, where various cell towers and surveillance cameras captured locations and images of the vehicle over the course of the next 45 minutes.

Lloyd was also texting during this timeframe, sending a message to his sister at 3:07am, stating, "Did you see who I am with?"

When his sister did not respond, Lloyd sent another text at 3:11am that read, "Hello!"

Finally, at 3:19am, Lloyd's sister responded, writing, "My phone died."

At 3:22am, Lloyd texted his sister again, stating he was with, "NFL," a supposed reference to Hernandez.  This message was followed by a subsequent text sent at 3:23am that read, "just so you know."

While these messages were being sent, Hernandez' vehicle was witnessed by several surveillance cameras re-entering North Attleboro and entering a gravel road that weaved behind an industrial building.

Overnight workers at the industrial building testified to authorities that they heard several gunshots between 3:23am and 3:27am.

Hernandez was seen on his own home's surveillance camera returning to the residence at 3:29am with a gun in his hand.

The gravel pit is a two-minute drive from Hernandez' home.

Five shell casings were found at the murder scene – two by Lloyd's feet and some a distance away from his head.  When Lloyd's body was found by authorities, the rigamortis it displayed was consistent with a time of death at or around 3:30am.

Hernandez returned to a car rental agency, trading in the Altima for another vehicle. An employee at the rental agency found shell casings and a piece of gum under the driver's seat. When approached by authorities, the employee stated that the shell casings and gum had been thrown away in a near-by dumpster.

Authorities seized the dumpster and found .45 caliber shell casings and chewing gum along the bottom, consistent with the bullet and weapon used to kill Lloyd.

While assessing the crime scene, authorities assessed the tire impressions left near the body. The tire impressions were consistent with a front-wheel drive Nissan Altima, the same type of vehicle driven by Hernandez.  They also found dirt consistent with that found at the gravel pit inside the wheel well of the Altima Hernandez had rented.

Upon executing a search warrant, authorities found a 7.62/39 millimeter semi-automatic rifle in Hernandez' home that he did not have a license to carry in Massachusetts.

The weapons used to murder Lloyd have not yet been found by authorities.

McCauley wrapped up his summary of findings by stating Hernandez had a relationship with Lloyd, Hernandez seemed upset and stated he couldn't trust anyone. Hernandez called friends to join him in Massachusetts, urged them to hurry and then orchestrated the execution of Lloyd.

Hernandez then, according to McCauley's summary, drove home with the murder weapon and disposed of it somewhere then disconnected his surveillance system at the house. He was portrayed to have the motive, means and opportunity.

Defense attorney Michael Fee said the prosecution's case was "at bottom, a circumstantial case that was not strong." He pointed out Hernandez has no record of violent crime, is a home-owner and resident of North Attleboro and the father of an eight month-old child.

Fee also said Hernandez would not be a flight risk because he has proven over the last week that he will not flee. He agreed to Hernandez wearing a GPS device and posting a cash bail if the court would grant it.

Hernandez, ultimately, was held without bail.


Also - highlights from today's arraignment as I tweeted them out shortly after bail was denied in Attleboro District Court this afternoon.

Read them in reverse order (bottom to top) for proper chronology.

Tom Leyden@ TomLeyden 2m

In the end, first-degree murder charge, plus five other gun-related charges for Hernandez, but no murder weapon in possession of authorities

Tom Leyden@ TomLeyden 5m

Specific weapons used in murder of Lloyd have

not yet been located. No bail for Hernandez ruling based on judge's discretion.

Tom Leyden@ TomLeyden 7m

When authorities searched Hernandez home, they found fully-loaded 7.62/39 millimeter semi-automatic rifle that he did not have license for.

Tom Leyden@ TomLeyden 8m

Prosecutors: Hernandez had motive, means, opportunity and destroyed evidence in aftermath of murder.

Tom Leyden@ TomLeyden 8m

Prosecutors: Hernandez seemed upset, called friends, orchestrated execution, drove home with gun, disposed of gun.

Tom Leyden@ TomLeyden 10m

Tire impressions at murder site were consistent with grey Nissan Altima that Hernandez was driving.

Tom Leyden@ TomLeyden 11m

... those casings were found under rental car seat by employee of rental agency.

Tom Leyden@ TomLeyden 11m

5 shell casings were found at site, consistent with casings found in dumpster near rental car site where car was returned...

Tom Leyden@ TomLeyden 12m

Multiple surveillance cams, including Hernandez' own, have him w/ Lloyd to moments of his death, gun in hand, then returning home at 3:29.

Tom Leyden@ TomLeyden 13m

Text message was sent at 3:22am. 3:23 text from Lloyd to sister said, "just so you know." Shots then heard by workers at industrial park.

Tom Leyden@ TomLeyden 15m

Prosecutors have detailed text messages, including one from Lloyd to his sister mins before he was allegedly shot saying he was with "NFL"

Tom Leyden@ TomLeyden 15m

Start with defense, who claimed case was "at bottom, a circumstantial case - not strong. He has no record, no violent crimes."

Tom Leyden@ TomLeyden 17m

Hernandez held without bail on first degree murder charge. Lots of recap for you forthcoming as I was watching/listening and taking notes.


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